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POS Ticketing system for small ticket brokers to broadcast their inventory onto secondary markets.

Ticketmaster acquired a POS system from a small ticket broker who called it 'ZeroHero.' The ticketing system allows small ticket brokers to manage their inventory they own and broadcast it out onto the secondary marketplaces such as StubHub, SeatGeek, etc. 

The complicated ecosystem of ticketing extends the potential life of a ticket. Inventory can be purchased from Ticketmaster as a primary source. Then sold again onto secondary marketplaces, which creates the problem of needing to track and verify inventory as real, so that when someone shows up to a concert, they get into the show and don't have a faulty ticket. 

TradeDesk Point of sale has a ticket Sync setting where brokers can upload their inventory, which gets traced back to Ticketmaster's system. Only verified tickets can be sold onto secondary marketplaces. Brokers can manage their inventory on the marketplace, merge and split tickets, set and adjust pricing, and send out sales orders.

This complicated process made the web application best for uploading and syncing inventory for verification. I was tasked with creating the mobile version of the POS, so that it is accessible for use by small ticket brokers, and fans. It's meant to help brokers on-the-go manage inventory.


The marketplace page is dense. This is where ticket brokers manage and broadcast tickets onto secondary marketplaces. I learned from ticket brokers they would only want to upload and sync their inventory on a computer, so I decided to focus the mobile app on what brokers would do with inventory once it was uploaded and verified. Tasks like viewing their inventory, updating prices, de-listing and looking at orders for the day or week.

1. Login with existing TM1 credentials or the Ticketmaster POS login credentials. This allows legacy customers to access the new system.

2. The inventory screen allows a ticket broker to see their events, or all of the events that are available for sale. This allows quick toggling between what the person owns and what they could potentially buy. 

3. View your tickets in-line with other brokers & fans to see how your prices and number of tickets in a group compare for greater context for how to update your inventory.

Viewing Inventory

4. Easily update prices and statuses across multiple ticket groups including increase by percentage, decrease by percentage, or keeping it at a fixed price. 

5. View and edit all of your inventory on the go. One issue I noticed when talking with POS customers is that they may update their inventory 11 times per day on the web app. This was alarming to me, so I decided to provide ticket brokers a way to update their inventory if they were out to lunch, etc. Through interviews, I learned the top actions brokers took were repricing, making tickets inactive and taking them off of live inventory sales, allowing splits through purchasing and adding footnotes. 

6. View all your TradeDesk orders on the go. This allows a quick snapshot of inventory that has been sold. A quick overview for the day, or week is helpful for seeing overall sales. This is also great for end of the year taxes.

Managing Inventory

Working with small ticket brokers brought up needing to sort out the good actors from the bad when it comes to ticket sales. Ticket scalpers has long been a deragatory term for someone who buys and resells tickets, some of them fake. Historically, it was a person physically standing outside a stadium right before the live event. 

A modern bad actor will use bots to digitally exceed purchase limits on Ticketmaster's website as soon as an event goes live. I helped with combatting this issue through putting guardrails in place with Ticketmaster's Sync feature and  Verified Fan.

Verified Fan

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I worked on the open ticketing platform where Ticketmaster partners with the NFL to allow fans to buy primary and secondary tickets for football  events. 

NFL Open Ticketing