visual design, uX design, responsive, qA testing

Online Quoting and Enrollment Portals for small businesses’ group insurance plans.

I worked on Humana's Digital Center for Excellence team, which primarily helped small businesses set up their group insurance policies. 

Something that had come up in talking to users was that they were confused by the current pricing models and which feature belonged to which enrollment plans that their employees would receive. They said it's unclear how many steps it would take to complete the entire process, that it was daunting and they would usually abandon the process and come back later to finish. 


As a UX team, we decided it was important to take these small employer's feedback into consideration when re-designing these insurance portals. What stuck out to me the most is that I needed to make the number of steps clear so a person could see how much progress they made and how much work they still had to do. I wanted to make the experience more organized so that there were no questions about pricing and plan features.


After redesigning the infrastructure I started on high fidelity designs. I used the design system components that were already in use at Humana.  These screens are a much simpler version of what originally existed as cited by our users when the researcher tested. It cut down enrollment time by 30 minutes on average and abandonment rates dropped.

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